The Angels’ Portion: A Clergyman’s Whisk(e)y Narrative, Vol. IV


by Rev. Christopher I. Thoma

A plentiful collection of whisky scribblings gift-wrapped in a whimsical examination of all things human, The Angels’ Portion, is a generous and thirst-quenching pour from the flagon of life.

What people are saying…

It’s the various distilleries throughout the world that make the whiskies, but it’s Rev. Thoma’s eloquence that makes me want to try them. He’s incredibly clever, being careful with his wit and sorting his words so that the reader can’t resist the lure of his narrative style. But often in the midst of his humorism, one realizes he’s not just having fun. He’s teaching, too, and as he does, he reveals a friendly depth as a storyteller that’s refreshing for our day. His observations in all things—literature, family, culture, theology, politics, you name it—cause one to stop and think more intently than before. By the end of each review (if that’s at all what you can call each of the chapters in this delightful volume), you will have discovered something of yourself and the world in which you dwell, and you’ll be better for it.

Dinesh D’Souza
Author and filmmaker

The fourth book in a must-read series of hilariously endearing stories. Some are sweet. Some are sour. All are completely relatable. Most of all, while they prove Thoma’s mind is versatile, they also prove it’s pretty twisted.

Lahna Turner
Comedian, actress, & songwriter

Likely the real mind behind the incandescent light bulb, I’m betting Thoma invented the skull that goes on top of the hurst floor shifter, too. He’s a remarkable man… If he writes something, read it. The man is all the way live and genuine, and his writing is the proof. If you’re shy and don’t get out much—basically introverted—make sure to read this book. It’ll add new dimensions to your life you didn’t even know existed. Who knows? You may even run away from home to become the leader of a pack of super models.

Thayrone X
Talk radio host

It seems the saying that the loneliest person in the world is a man on a rainy day with nothing to read may be only half true. Add whisky to the list of miserable omissions and only then is the saying complete. Chris Thoma—a Lutheran pastor, author, family man, and humorist—demonstrates this in the fourth volume of his The Angels’ Portion series. He depicts both the wisdom and joys of an angelic palate, and he gives all glory to God, the generous giver of the divine elixir. Move over Mark Twain. Thoma is vying for your crown! 

Jim West
Author of Drinking with Calvin and Luther: A History of Alcohol in the Church

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