Where Dreams Ponder People


by Rev. Christopher I. Thoma

Rating: 5 out of 5.

A simple collection of rhythmic reveries sure to delight, each having been observed and snatched from the everyday joys (and sometimes sorrows) of family and vocation. In pace with the likes of Shel Silverstein, Reverend Thoma employs various poetic forms to tell stories, thereby leading the reader to behold the comforting hand of a loving spouse, a little girl coloring her page, the ancient contours of the city of London, a captured bolt of lightning, and so much more.

What people are saying…

Christopher is a man blessed by God to add joy to people’s lives. I’ve known Christopher for many years. I love to hear him preach in the pulpit on Sunday mornings. I love to listen to his ideas on a multitude of topics. I especially love to hear him express love with the written word. When you read this book, you will enter a joyous realm, not of men’s hands, but a realm that flows from the Gospel of Jesus Christ. You will experience an eternal love, through the writer, that comes from God Himself. Christopher, thank you for this book of joy.

John Wurst
Amazon review

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