The Angels’ Portion: A Clergyman’s Whisk(e)y Narrative, Vol. II


by Rev. Christopher I. Thoma

Rating: 5 out of 5.

At nearly 600 glorious pages, the Reverend is back and better than ever in this follow up edition to the popular The Angels’ Portion: A Clergyman’s Whisky Narrative. Here in Volume II, Thoma mesmerizes readers once again as he carries them along in exploration of “aqua vitae” through his signature style of vivacious storytelling. And all along the way, it will be as he prophetically warns: “You’ll laugh. You’ll cry. You’ll question humanity. You’ll see life differently. You’ll pour another of your favorite drams and give thanks for the gifts you’ve been given.”

What people are saying…

The Force is definitely strong with this one. Wait… wrong meeting. Either way, this is one of the most entertaining whisk(e)y books I have had the pleasure of reading, humorous and informative at the same time. Perfect for a quiet night enjoying a dram on the Death Star.”

Brett Ferencz
Scotch Trooper

With due respect to Thoma’s modesty, he proves that the clergy and drink fit hand in glove with every page. The insight he offers on a range of whiskies is approachable to all, like a well-crafted cask strength, and his comments are carried off with a storyteller’s flair.

Richard Thomas
Author of Stonewall Goes West and Mother Earth, Bloody Ground; Managing Editor for

A delightful read, not just for his thoughts on whisky, but for his brilliant observations on life. The Reverend’s passion pours out through every page and paragraph.

Andrew Flatt

As the Scotch Test Dummies, Scott and I have a compatriot in Reverend Thoma. Star Wars, zombies, and so much more, The Angels’ Portion Volume II is real whisky reviewing with a heavy dose of whimsy—just the way the Dummies like it!

Bart Brunscheen
Co-host of The Scotch Test Dummies

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