Feeding the Lambs: A Worship Primer for Teachers of Children


by Rev. Christopher I. Thoma

Rating: 5 out of 5.

The story of the middle spaces. It’s an observing of men and women with their littlest ones—one end of the spectrum of life and the other crisply displayed. More deeply, it’s the invisible space—the space in between child and adult—it’s this space that has Thoma’s sharpest attention. It’s this middle space where the ingredients are added. From boy to man, from girl to woman, all of the space in between is even now undecided—the character, the imagination, the belief systems, the ways that life will be lived, the caliber of man sought for a husband and the measure of a woman desired for a wife—all of these will be collected along the way and will simmer in this middle space. Parents, the middle space is a powerful and determining time. Be mindful of this, and spend that time well. Go to church. Take your children. Teach them what worship is all about. Season the middle spaces of their stories with the salt of Christ and His holy Word. Assuredly, it is the most important ingredient in the recipe.

This is a wonderful book on children and worship. It is written by an experienced pastor and youth worker, who holds up that children need the Word of God and the liturgy of the church. I highly recommend it.

Rev. Todd Peperkorn
Pastor of Holy Cross Lutheran Church in Rocklin, CA and author of I Trust When Dark My Road

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