Reverend Raconteur is a new publishing company with a particular goal: to publish quality books by clergymen working in the realm of story (fiction, poetry, narrative non-fiction, etc.). Why? Well, because we think the world could stand to have more stories written by guys who have been trained to rightly handle the Word of God and who spend most of their time working with words accordingly. Basically, we think there are not enough reverends among the raconteurs of this world and we’d like to change that.

RevRac was founded by Rev. Tyrel Bramwell in 2018 when without any fanfare he stuck his newly designed logo on the cover of Come in, We Are Closed. Now look at us, we’ve put it on a handful of other books. Some aren’t even Rev. Bramwell’s.

But seriously, Reverend Raconteur is just getting started. We’re making use of the powerful and flexible printing services available today in order to bring quality works to readers all over the globe.

Are you a pastor with a story to tell?